The Final Knowledge (283)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 97~100)


At night, I was thinking about “Ise-Amaterasu” whom I could not feel the presence of. Shin-kai (the god world) of the goddess placed in Ise for the system of Nhihon (Japan) was very local, which is limited to this area. If the original sun god is called “Amaterasuhi” and is thought to be the top god, it is a personified god who should be called hime (princess) created by the work of god who creates god. Its hierarchy is comprehended with the Chrysanthemum Throne of 16 petals. The petals of chrysanthemum, or the function giving godhood, belongs to “Shirayama-hime” of Hakusan (Mt. Haku). Because of this, “Shirayama-hime” has been called Kikuri-hime (literally means “chrysanthemum-reason-prince”). This Kiku-no-ri (literally means “the reason of chrysanthemum”) is read so because it is also the power to link human souls to the bodies.
The petals of this chrysanthemum of the top god of the Earth is considered to be 20. “Ise-Amaterasu” is 80 % of it. “Shirayama-hime” is equal. This island located at the east end of Eurasia Continent was ordained as the library or the museum of shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth from the being of the spiritual world that was superior to those gods and has been placed in kekkai (sacred shield) of the will. The limited period is 1500 years.
In the human history, the library in Alexandria was burned down and a lot of knowledge was said to be lost. The past is placed in the darkness with the extinction of substance. On the other hand, the memory is retained as energy until the day or hour in the spiritual world. “Ise-Amaterasu” who assumes this role moves incomparably harder than gods before then. She works.
First, “Ise-Amaterasu”, who was said to attend “Toyosuki-hime” who was a princess of Emperor Sujin, went to Kasanui mura in Yamato. After that, she kept transferring one after another with “Ymato-hime” who was a princess of Emperor Suinin. The final location, Ise Grand Shrine, is said to be the 29th location. She connected 29 points and created divine kekkai (sacred shield) on her own. When a crisis arose later, she used wake-mitama (child-spirit) of Tenmu and established herself. Furthermore, she kept announcing her presence by such as starting Shikinen Sengu Ceremony. I felt she has basically prepared by herself for 1500 years. When I murmured that Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) is the book of prediction, I determined to be Izanagi. I know that it is not Yomi in Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) where deities who completed the role go. That is the place where human beings go. I remembered uta (verse) of “Amatsutsuki” to “Ise-Amaterasu”. “So no hi wo ma chi te i ka shi mu” indicates that “Ise-Amaterasu” returns to where “Amatsutsuki” is when the day comes.
This prayer was different from before. While I was ascending for a long long time, I felt like I was moving sideways. I saw a vision of white mountains on the planet which was not like the Earth. At least, it was an image of the planet with no human beings. I was a child there. I did not pray but made a wish to kami, “Amatsutsuki”, like a child. While I was making a wish alone, I could feel the presence of “Amtsutsuki” in time. I could sense something like a smile of “Amatsutsuki”. If the smile was compared to a human being’s, it showed an amazed look first and indicated that I was immature and helpless.
“Those who completed the role should leave.”
It implied I must know it.
Again, a long time passed. I kept wishing that I needed her in order to play a role.
Finally, it was granted.
He said, “I will let her attend you for a while.”
Ise-Amaterasu” will be back. I can hear that uta (verse) again.
Ise-Amaterasu” has already completed the role on the ground, but she ended up staying with me for a while.