The Final Knowledge (280)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 29/35, p35)
(Book page 89~91)


When I was ready to accept that “Ise-Amaterasu” left, or she died, another uta (verse) came to me.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo, the companion Uta (verse) on February 9th (7)
Su gi sa ri shi hi to no ko ko ro no
tsu re zu re no
sa re do wa ga ko no mi ta ma na re
wa su re ji sa ya ke ki mi hi ka ri no su ji

Toyouke ookami / god of A”

My companion wrote “Toyouke-ookami / god of A”, and I immediately recognized the uta (verse) was from “Ise-Amaterasu”. My companion said it was not the usual line of “Ise-Amaterasu”. It was obvious the god that creates gods was engaged from the indication of god of A. Before this, I had known that god had prepared mitama (spirit) of hime of god of Miwa, who is described in “Hototatara-isusuki-hime” in Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) and “Himetatara-isuzu-hime” in Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan). Needless to say, Tatara means tatara of Mt. Adatara. That godhood has been brought down in Oodaigahara in Kii Peninsula. Tatara also means Tatara iron making method, and also ibuki (breath). Ibuki yama (Mt. Ibuki) of “Yamato Takeru” has the same meaning, and Tatara also represents tatari (curse). I was led to Mt. Haku and Mt. Adatara with my companion by the revelation in order to create mitama (spirit) of “Tatara-isusuki-hime” or “Tatara-isuzu-hime”. My companion had already visited Mt. Miwa many times before that. Also for me, Mt. Miwa was the entrance to this path. The system had been made in such a way that any doors do not open without the approval and cooperation of “Susanoo”-related shin-kai (the god world) which had been placed here.
Those who reached “Susanoo”-related, in most cases, are caught their eyes by the conflict between “Amaterasu“ and “Susanoo” in the myth. They start to consider them as friend and foe. However I read this story, I feel that the orthodox ruller of this country should be “Susanoo”-related. It is better to say that the origin of the name of the godhood “Susanoo” is a fierce brain rather than a fierce man. The power related to “Amaterasu” has surely sealed “Susanoo”-related in this country. And, the godhood that has a human-like feeling, and human beings can sympathize is “Susanoo”. He was seemingly violent, but he bore the sin and accepted to be exiled. At least, he took responsibility for his own sin. Compared to that, what about “Amaterasu”? Then, human beings stumble over their own feelings and sentiments. They just starte to run in circles.