The Final Knowledge (274)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 23/35, p29)
(Book page 74~77)


By that day, I found out the identity of the ghosts that clung to my back for years. I do not know when they stuck to me, but I felt the existence in my early 20s. First they were three but ended up four. They were three human-derived ghosts and one ghost derived from shin-kai (the god world) or ma-kai (the evil world). Human ghosts were of Japanese, and if they were chronologically described, they were Prince Nakano-Oe, who was destined to be Emperor Tenji, Prince Oama, who was destined to be Emperor Tenmu, and Kakinomoto no Hitomaro. The ghost of shin-kai (the god world) was Dionysos of Greece. I could not understand at that time why the ghost of Dionysus was with me apart from the human ghosts. Later, I painfully got to know that gods also leave ghosts like human beings, but I had not know it yet then.
Also, some human ghosts exist as inner ghosts in a human being like previous lives, and some people have a kind of guardian ghosts on their back and shoulders, which some senseless religions taught. Many of human ghosts staying on the ground hug the places in their memories, cemeteries and tombstones. Many of them cannot accept their physical death or leave their strong thoughts and feelings on the ground. They know neither heaven nor hell. Since they have thoughts and feelings but not will, they hardly possess unrelated human beings unless human beings encourage them. Four ghosts that were with me were not that type of human ghosts.
I was born as a man who had never been a human being in the past. I have not transmigrated in terms of spirituality and divinity. My grandfather and father, who appeared at shin-gyo (god work) in Okinawa, were pulled out of human rei-kai (the ghost world). They could send uta (verse) to me as their conscious energy was activated by the light, but they did not exist within me or clung to my back and shoulders. It was another world as was called. A person who has a special ability can contact that world. In all ages, there were many people who claimed they went to rei-kai (the ghost world) or they could have contact with rei-kai (the ghost world). Ghosts were put on my back for a totally different purpose. It was the will of the higher existence.
Ghosts are data. The ghost of Hitomaro was necessary to give me the ability to create an image of kotodama (soul of words) to understand yamato-uta, and to change our language into the energy of the spiritual world or kotodama (soul of words). Also, the ghost of Dionysus was for two sides. One side was as the god of wine and madness, and another side was to reach the knowledge of Hermes or Hermes Thoth Trismegistus. That was essential to obtain a further understanding of the human being with two sides who has theoretical intellectual activities and illogical impulsive activities.
And, the ghosts of Tenji and Tenmu were for the purpose to end the world of mythology of Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) and Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan) that have defined this country. In other words, they were placed by god to proclaim the end of the story of Nihon (Japan) through me. The ghost of Hitomaro was also a witness.
I had been ordered to raise four ghosts on my back to the celestial sky at the bridge over The Isuzu River in Ise which I visited in order to report shin-gyo (god work) in Okinawa and to let “Ise-Amaterasu”, who worked with me, return to the shrine. I raised ghosts there, and I confirmed that human-derived ghosts were ascending all at once to shin-kai (the god world) of “Ise-Amaterasu”. Needless to say, the ghost of Dionysus regained the light and turned into the deity that has led human beings as the roots of Hermetica.
Naiku (the inner shrine) over the river was filled with the air of divinity. I was glad to be welcomed in such a way.
When I was thinking that next was going to be Geku (the outer shrine), uta (verse) was sent to me.