The Final Knowledge (272)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 68~71)


My companion and I left Okinawa and conducted next shin-gyo (god work) in Kyoto, Ise and Nara according to the revelation. From this point, it was beyond my human knowledge, and I was guided by yamato-uta written by my companion.
When I receive Yamato uta as a divine verse and speak out loud, I can understand the meaning of uta (verse) for myself or see a vision with the finess of kotodama (soul of words) and otodama (soul of sounds). My companion who writes with this as medium does not remember what she writes in her human memory. Only while the existence of the spiritual world who makes her write holds her circuit, a dialogue related to the content of uta (verse) can be established more or less. However, multiple meanings are included and it is a puzzle for human beings. An answer for a question also can often be a puzzle. There is a rule for it. When I digest the meaning in my head and get closer to understanding, I was told that I already know it. I never ask like “Does it mean this?” They know what I think in my head. Divine verses that guided me are as follows.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 8th (2)
Yu ru ki na ki
ni ho n no mi ha shi ra
sa ka no ne ni
no bo ri ta ri ta ru yu u ki ri ni
ko ni mi tsu ru no ha
sa ya ke shi mi hi ka ri

To Ise-Amaterasu Uta (verse) on February 8th (3)
Tsu ku ra re n i wa no to ka ra shi
ha ji ma ri shi
sa n ka n ku shi ni mi ma e ru ha
ke fu wo to o ku ni
hi ka re shi to ki wo
“Seki Tetsuo mikoto*

Subsequently, the deity called “Yurukina” appeared. It responds to uta (verse) (2).

To Ise-Amaterasu Uta (verse) on February 8th (4)
Na ri shi shi ji ma ni yu ru ya ka ni
yu ka shi mu i shi zu e ki ko shi na mu
a me no u tsu ra ni na ri ta ru ha
yu ru shi no u tsu ho
ki shi ku ru na ru wo

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo and the companion Uta (verse) on February 8th (5)
A ma no ne no o tsu ru shi tsu ku ni
te ri ta ru chi
ke fu wo tsu ma hi ki
a su wo tsu ku ra n

*Someone who has a divine summons.