The Final Knowledge (267)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 16/35, p22)
(Book page 56~57)

(Norito (words of prayer) given by Ise-Amaterasu for Himeyuri Tower)
O ki na wa ni ne mu ru
ya o to me
mi hi ka ri ni no ri te
te n ni ka e ra n

According to my companion, the word “te n” was a Chinese character “ten (the sky)”, and it was instructed to read as “te n”.
Next was a bloody battlefield where my father, who was shut through his body, survived until he knew the defeat in the war. The place was Mabuni Hill.

(Norito (words of prayer) given by Ise-Amaterasu for Tower of Souls)
Chi ni ne mu ru mo no no fu no
ka na shi mi mo
i ma ka e ra n
mi hi ka ri no mo to ni
i ma ka e ra n

I write the word “norito (words of prayer)” as “ノリト” but not “祝詞” because I have done those things. Norito (words of prayer) is the words to ride, which can become norito (words of prayer) only when it is used by the one who has deity.
Finally, at Peace Tower of Kiyan Cape where many civilians were said to drown themselves, I raised ghost spirits by my prayer while I left norito by “Ise-Amaterasu” and ooharae (purification) no norito (words of prayer) to my companion. When we finished everything, my companion threw a bunch of flowers to the sea. The sea surface was far when it was seen from the top of the cliff.
The ones who have righteous deity take their responsibility as an absolute rule.
Do not forget that there are right shin-kai (the god world) and evil shin-kai on this ground.
The words that my master existence told me before I began this came back to me.
The ones with righteous deity take their responsibility like this for what human beings have done. The existence in the spiritual world, however, cannot directly act in the human world like “Ise-Amaterasu”. Without the intervention of a human being, they cannot work. This absolute rule has made the story of human beings and god, or gods, on the Earth progress. At the same time, that energy will never disappear until the role is completed, or the story ends. Until the energy of the story disappears, human beings will be captured in the story, and time will repeat the cycle. However hard each human being desires freedom and release, they will not gain true release until everything is understood to reach the knowledge. Even right gods will not be released until they complete their role. And, human beings reflect that world.