The Final Knowledge (265)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 14/35, p20)
(Book page 49~52)


It was night. A vision came to me during the purification for handling the residual energy of human ghost spirits. In the light world, there was me who was not exactly myself. That was a conscious being. I asked my companion if I, who had deity, was in that world. Uta (verse) was sent to me from the existence called my mikoto.

Uta (verse) on February 6th (1)
Hi to no yo no
wa ka ru ku shi ro no
fu to ma ni wo
a su wo mo hi ka n
ka mi ga mi no mi chi
“Seki Tetsuo mikoto*”

That was not something that I created in my consciousness. However, that had my characteristics. Uta (verse) was undisguisedly poor and immature. I make uta (verse) for norito (Shinto prayer) in reality, but the one I consciously make is worse than this. My uta (verse) is more artificial and is influenced by human mind. There was an unbridgeable gap between the one sent and mine. Even so, the uta (verse) sent from the existence called my mikoto took my thinking pattern and language pattern. This was followed by two uta (verse) from “Ise-Amaterasu”.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 6th (2)
Wa ta tsu mi no
ki ko e shi u ta no
ka mi ga mi no
ka n na ga ra no mi chi
ke fu wo yo ro ko bu

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta on February 6th (3)
Ka ku mo a ra ji
wa no na wo yo bi te
hi to no yo wo shi zu mu
mi hi ka ri no su ji

Those two uta (verse) were paired with the uta (verse) from the existence called my mikoto. There was a world of difference between them, but all rejoiced our successful work of the day. Furthermore, another uta (verse) was sent from “Ise-Amaterasu” to my companion who worked hard on that day.

To the companion Uta (verse) on February 6th (4)
Hi no ku ni no
o shi e shi ka mi no
mi chi zo shi ru
ki mi to yu ka mu
wa re to yu ka mu

During the communication by those uta (verse), I felt anew the presence of my father who was at the site of raising the ghost spirits as a survivor of Okinawa war. I encouraged him to make some uta (verse) as one who worked together. After a moment’s hesitation, uta (verse) came.

Uta (verse) on February 6th (5)
Na na ku sa no
yu ki no shi ji ro ni
su mu a gu ro
su ri nu ke ru mo ma ta
wa re no ko to na ri
“Seki Kenji mikoto*

*Someone who has a divine summons.