The Final Knowledge (264)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 13/35, p19)
(Book page 46~49)

The light increased, and I walked to a row of monuments to raise ghost spirits. Human ghosts were following me. Without wind, trees made rustling sound only around my companion and me. I raised ghost spirits by norito (Shinto prayer). While I was looking with my eyes closed, countless points started to emit light, gathered and became one light to ascended to the sky. When I recognized all completed ascending, I confirmed with my companion. Though she saw it differently, she could see what was happening. I walked to the next monument. Again, trees made rustling sound. I raised ghost spirits and walked to the next monument. Ghost spirits were following me. This went on and on. It required substantial amount of energy and time to raise ghost spirits. If it had continued, my companion would have collapsed. I decided to have a break when I finished the half of the monuments of each prefecture of Japan after I started from Okinawa. The rest of the ghost spirits who had not been raised were surrounding my companion and me at a distance and waiting. I prayed, purified and thought. And I became to see a law. Ghost spirits followed behind me. And, when they came to a stone which they recognized as their own monument, they stood by the stone. They were waiting by the stone. I realized that it corresponded to the rituals that people have performed. I said to my companion I would change the method and started to walk. I walked to an observation deck to view the sea without stop. Ghost spirits followed me. This time, I prayed and recited norito (Shinto prayer). It took time. After they started to ascend, a beam of light was extending into the sky for a long time. When all finished, the surrounding aura was gone. On the way back, I checked some monuments and confirmed there was no aura of the ghost spirits left. I asked god from my viewpoint where I could see the white mountain. Did all ascend? The reply was, “The ones that should ascend did.” At the same time, I could hear it saying, “Make a path of light.” Then, my companion pointed at the tower and said the light was fading. I prayed. Again, the light of “Ise-Amaterasu” increased. That was love. i ma to na ri fu ta ri ta chi nu. It replied with flash of light to my message.
The park was finished, and next destination was an abandoned place. It was Army underground hospital. The place was buried. As long as human beings allow themselves to bury tragic memories, they will never learn from the past. Injured and sick ones among ghost spirits have had enough time to accumulate grudges. Human ghosts have such an attribute. Vengeful ghosts are troublesome even if they are small number. I drove slowly while thinking. The sky got darker, which let me know rain was coming.
I had trouble reaching Army underground hospital as was expected. After driving back and forth around the place which my companion’s sensor perceived a few times, I asked the way at the town office. In the rain, I turned aside off the paved road and got out of the car at a place like a field. As I slushed along the narrow path, I found a disappearing sign at a place like a thick forest. The place looked like it was there as if it were a tomb. It was buried. It rained harder, and my companion and I got wet. My foot were stuck in the mud so that I felt like I was not on the ground when I closed my eyes to pray. Magnetic field was weird. Surrounding trees were rustling there. I felt hostility. My companion and I were in dark animosity. I could see deep dark red darkness. I let the light of prayer come through to the bottom of the darkness which was like a cave. It took a long time. The light reached the bottom. Countless faces appeared in my vision for a moment. They converged on a point and began to emit light. That implied the ghost spirits started to ascend. I knew my companion was shivering. It took more time. When it was done, I was chilled to the bones. I sent my companion to the car first, and I did another thing that I had to do. Some of the ghost spirits had the light. I asked god.
“The ones that should ascend did.”
That was a reply. I was also told that the rest could be done by a human being.
When I arrived at the car, my companion was sleeping like she was dead. She was alright. I was relieved to know she was not possessed by ghosts. It kept raining. The word “purifying rain” came to mind and disappeared.
From that night, my companion’s ability increased more. When one role is completed, another one comes. According to this rule, the preparation for the next role was ongoing. The spiritual world was about to show another new phase.