The Final Knowledge (156)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 356~359)

Uta (verse) on April 18th, 1993
Mi wa no ya ma o ku ni hi mi i e zu
sa ri na mu yu e na mu
ma ko to shi ya ka ni
mi hi ka ri yu e

As if the information given to me by [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) had been reinforced from another direction, one day [Ukanomitama] directly contacted me. It had to be direct because its content was about my companion.

A message from [Ukanomitama]
Yuga conceals the system of god
Why is there Yuga in Nara?
Why was she born in Yuga?
The time to know is coming and think
The origin of the land is sealed here
Shirayama has protected it

I knew it. The knowledge was in the data of [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). I did not know what to do, though. The places for [Ukanomitama] on the ground are Mount Fushimi, which I was instructed to clean at the beginning of shin-gyo (god-work), and Mount Yuga. On the line connecting these mountains and Mount Miwa, many shrines are located. The shrine of Mount Miwa has the origin that tatari-gami (cursing god) indicated the exchange condition to human beings and made them build it. On this line, there are Isonokami and Kasuga. All the deities have the divinity of ken-shin-kai (the-sword-of-god world). It is placed to suppress some force. If kekkai (sacred shield) is lost, what has suppressed and sealed will appear.
Yuga is a small mountain adjacent to Kasuga shrine, where Yuga shrine is located. I know that there is a crack stretching from north to south, and it is a symbol of the location where some sort of energy drains. It is darkness and evil. The ruler of those is [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), and shin-kai (the god world) is also placed in the gravitational sphere of [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness).
That [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) has left. Within myself, I have the light part of [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), or the knowledge of the divinity. Its nature is the same as the light knowledge given by [Amatsutsuki]. It is a map but not everything about the knowledge. Dark energy has been left as it is. I became to know about the system that once the top god disappears, the next one in the hierarchy tries to take the position in shin-kai (the god world), which evokes a feeling of almost fear. [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) and [Akuma] (devils) will appear one after another. After I dispose of one kind of energy, individually changed conscious energy appears. This is endless. I have to do the cleaning all my life. My companion will be the vent of dark energy for life… It is the worst dream. I am nearly obsessed by the idea that I have started something extraordinary. I purify myself, ascend and keep thinking. Even [Amatsutsuki] and [ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) see god in my master existence. They see what has made a covenant between the celestial sky and the ground there. They know that they can contact the existence only through me.
While I feel things are getting worse, I am amused to see how the story goes on and increasing my knowledge every day. Both [Amatsutsuki] and [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) give over things to me and leave on the assumption that I can do it. [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) left me directions that I should descend to the light at the bottom of ma-kai (the evil world). I clearly said that I go there.
The secret of ma-kai (the evil world) is sealed in the way of my companion’s existence. When it is unsealed, I will know everything about the dark side of the spiritual world on the Earth. Unless it ends, her role will not be completed. It depends on how I work whether she can get back her human soundness. She is like a hostage. That is the system.
I rebuild my physical consciousness and avoided my existing form being a hostage. However, this time, my companion became a hostage. The story spread outside and got more difficult to be solved. There, the whole image could be seen. One person to two people. If the system spread out, it will be a problem of the whole Earth. Once I start reading it, it won’t finish without reading through.