The Final Knowledge (154)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 351~354)


There were not only uta (verse) but succeeding predictors that Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) was coming. And there was a movement to create a new network in my companion’s head. I knew that later, but the data of the evil world was moved into her. And the day came.

Uta (verse) on April 17th, 1993 (1)
Mu gu ru ma no a ri ki
mi wo ya tsu shi
chi gi ru wo mi ru ha
a ki no mi ku re te


After the words that she wrote down, the existence clearly identified itself as Ma (evil). I was oddly inspired by the uta (verse) since I prepared myself for the fight. And, the following uta (verse) came.

Uta (verse) on April 17th, 1993 (2)
I to ho shi ki ha ki mi na re do
sa ki no ya shi ro ni ta te ma e tsu ki te
ki mi no ho shi ta ru
mi ya ma ho shi ki ka na
yu e ni a ri na mu
ko no mi tsu ka e shi


It held the answer for my message to the god-like being that the program that had prepared this ground could not make the pillar of light, or god, stand. And, indicating my companion, it told me to use her. It did not seem to me that she could stand it any longer. [Ma-ou] (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) knew that I would deny it but sent me the words.

The one who should have gone to the mortuary
I revived the one for this role
It is I that created this one
The one which the knowledge on this ground is sealed in.

One-sided messages went on.

The human system
that was created with omniscience on this ground
God can solve it
If not god, it will perish

I asked if she could be absolved from the role.
The answer was “Only god can”.