The Final Knowledge (153)

Chapter Four
【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 348~351)

My light physical consciousness was awake. Without paying attention to the body, it autonomously keeps eliminating darkness. Originally, that is what the human body is. However, the consciousness is made to believe that it is impossible to live.
Human beings are made to believe that the body has no consciousness. At this point, the human existence is divided.
I was thankful to the body. I keenly felt that we are made as the recipient of god. The division of roles between the body and the consciousness became clear. I realized that my body has been altered. One day, my inner devil surfaced to my consciousness.

“Here comes the Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness).”

It sent me those words and disappeared. It was the same as that time. At that time, gods ran away. This time, devils also fled away. And my worst fear came reality. The energy possessed my companion this time. In order to prove the time around, I record uta (verse) that my companion wrote down here.

Uta (verse) on April 14th, 1993 (1)
Mi yo shi no no sa ki shi sa ku ra no
mi wo to ji ta ru ha
sa ki no o fu re no yu i shi to ki
to o ka ra zu ya to ki yu ki te
wa su re ta ri na mu sa ku ra no mi

There is no information of the recipient nor the writer of the verse, but this is from a certain world. Soon, it is made clear that the verse is from the evil world.

Uta (verse) on April 14th, 1993 (2)
Tsu i de i de ta ru wa ki mi zu no
na ga re yu ki ta ru sa ki yu ki no
mi wo mo chi a fu ru ru
ma e no mi ka gu ra

Uta (verse) on April 14th, 1993 (3)
Ka ke ne na ku mi yo shi to su ru
ho to na ri te
mi wo ku ru ha se ru ha
su na no a ri na mu
yu e to mo ni
sa ki shi ho ka ke no
ma da ra mu sa ki no
ko no mi ho shi ta ru
ka ke ne na shi

Around this time, my companion knew that the network used by the god world was clearly different from the one used by the evil world in her head. The brain network used by the evil world always brought severe headache and the recovery was very slow. She sometimes fell asleep like a coma or got incapacitated by pain, and the worst was a faint. However, there was an imperative rule here. The conscious being possessing her always gave me some words or writing through her body.
She was forming the only exit from a certain world. Though it was the insane world, this rule was never broken. Because the story must advance and be interpreted.