Empty Words (Vol.632)


It was 12 years ago that the deity Mioya-sama descended into the human world, and became involved in the souls of individual Japanese people, and I intuitively realized at the level of the soul that the language used in the mass media, which had influenced many Japanese people, was a kind of manipulation of consciousness.

Probably around that time, many Japanese began to realize the true nature of the seventy-odd years after the war, when the major newspapers from before the war and NHK, which was originally a propaganda agency for the war effort, survived as brainwashing agencies under the control of GHQ.  Similarly, as a result of the GHQ’s sabotage of Japanese culture by expelling people from public office, a group of people sympathetic to communism came to control postwar education as university instructors.

It is easy to answer what the problem was.  With the defeat of the war, the Japanese people lost God and were left in the hands of the devil.

The American president who drove the Empire of Japan to war was a man obsessed with a kind of madness, controlled by the communists around him.  The group of people who treated him like a hero, the Democratic Party of the United States, is clearly dividing into two groups in the 21st century: those who believe in socialism and those who believe in global capitalism.

As a result, we can clearly see that there is a certain affinity between the ideology of the groups that believe in communism and socialism and the ideology of the financial capitalists who want to market the world.

If you research what the purpose of the group of people who helped bring Karl Marx’s ideas to the world was, you will find that it was to destroy the old social system of imperialism and monarchy, which was an impediment to ruling the world.  In other words, what they have consistently pursued throughout history is the destruction of the authority that comes from God.

With the defeat of the Japanese Empire, it was left in the hands of the “envious ones” represented by the words of the supposed God of the Old Testament.  In fact, it was a grand experiment, the final test of God’s system placed on the Japanese archipelago.

The question is, to what extent was the ” Do not envy” law of Prince Shotoku’s 17-article constitution firmly established? The fact that there is a nation without envy in a world that is considered to be a monotheistic civilization means that it is a post-monotheistic model.

Japan has gone through history as a nakatsukuni, a place halfway between the earthly and heavenly worlds. However, it is the demonic desire to possess everything that the civilization of envy produces, and this was the way for the Japanese to have a spirituality that could eliminate it.

In this 2018, the ongoing case of Nissan, a company with strong labor unions that boldly changed the nature of its corporate structure, a manager who embodied Western-style greedy capitalism, and whose greed led to his removal from Japanese society, seems to me to be symbolic of this ongoing story.

The values of the average Japanese person, “half a tatami mat for waking, one tatami mat for sleeping,”  will never be understood by most people in the rest of the current world. And yet, these are the values that are being sought after as a model for the next world.

It is a human characteristic that modern history has shown that human groups with ideologies that do not accept an afterlife will not hesitate to use all means to achieve their goals. American civilization, which for a time left its actions to atheistic nihilism, is now rapidly returning to a world with God.

I’m sure the readers of this Hikarimonjyo (Light Document) know why.

It is my understanding that it is the result of a resurrected member of the Satsuma Army, who went to Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C., to tell the truth about what American soldiers have been fighting for since the Civil War.

After the terrorist attacks in 2001, the United States lost the breath of God, but now, from within the United States itself, a direction toward a nation with God is being born.

As a result, the U.S. will take action to stop the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, the representative of a godless nation.

In a sense, it is the final war between God and the devil. I think you need to be aware that this move is also a reflection of what is happening in Japan.



February 20, 2018

Seki Tetsuo





half a tatami mat for waking, one tatami mat for sleeping. It’s a Japanese proverb.

  • Interpretation:one should be satisfied without desiring more wealth and rank than necessary