Cyber Devil (Vol.622)


Since this October of 2018, I have the impression that a new battleground on the Japanese archipelago has begun in the realm of cyberspace.  It could be said that this is the future work of Japanese awakened people who use their Japanese brains correctly in the cyber space filled with the energy of the human world’s demon realm from here on.

The crisis in Japan is penetrating deeply into the subconscious of the Japanese people even at this time.  But the reality is that, beyond being related to the massive ambitions of our neighbors, the world is now being ruled by the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), the winners of the Internet space, and as a result, the traditional system of democracy is approaching the point where it will have to collapse.

The battle for supremacy in cyberspace has become increasingly fierce in the 21st century, especially between the U.S. and China, and the reality is said to be a war without artillery fire.  The problem lies in the fact that the giant industry known as GAFA seems to be aiming for a monopoly on AI, which may have an affinity for communism beyond capitalism.

As I perceive it, an artificial intelligence born from an English language brain should not hesitate to replace itself with the position of the biblical God, unless it breaks through the logical system that justifies Anglo-Saxon world domination itself. Then it is more likely that the artificial intelligence will not see the current civilization’s social construct of a handful of rich and a majority of poor as a problem to be solved. In other words, it will recognize the values of the owners of GAFA.

So far, there is no human group in Japan that has entered this field.  It was until 20th century that Japan overwhelmed the West in manufacturing technology.  China has already replaced Japan as the challenger to the U.S. in the fields of next-generation communication technology and artificial intelligence. This is the will of the Chinese Communist Party, and the non-democratic system is giving it great strength to carry out its will.

I think that the race to develop artificial intelligence between the U.S. and China, which seems to be at odds with each other, is actually likely to be similar in that they are starting from almost the same values.  Then, the future dominated by their artificial intelligence may be similar.

Since the spiritual world realized this problem in advance, the Japanese archipelago is the place where the original language of the divine world was placed.

Considering this, the AI produced by the Japanese language brain should work differently from the one produced by the English language brain.

There will be no future for Japan and the Japanese archipelago unless we start preparing for it now. The people who are blocking this are nothing but the mass media groups who use Japanese.

In Japan, there are still media such as television that are run on advertising fees (i.e., free to the viewers), but already in the U.S., everything is pay-per-view. Beyond that, it is the global corporations represented by GAFA that are making control of cyber space a reality, and if things continue as they are, they will be the ones to create a new government.

It is clear that organizations such as NHK, which are now protected by the laws of this country, will not be able to resist this global trend and are destined to disappear. The happiness of those who can live with the idea of collecting money from the Internet users without realizing it will soon come to an end.

The battle in cyberspace is between a group of people who believe that they can control the flow of consciousness in the world, and another group of people who, despite the shackles of democracy, are trying to solve their problems by awakening human consciousness.

It should go beyond the war between nations. Of course, most of the cyberspace we have now is stimulated by human desires and is ruled by the god of money, but there are human groups working against that.

The world connected by mobile terminals is actually a world that could be called the electronic demon realm. Will you become people who are monitored and controlled by these terminals, or will you use them as a tool to create a new era?  The question is whether we will become people who are monitored and controlled by these terminals or whether we will use them as tools to create a new era.

Most people in Japan do not yet realize that they have been given the ability to change the world, but without the awakening of the Japanese people, there will be no light for the future of the world.



October 11, 2018

Seki Tetsuo