Christianity and Islam (Vol. 411)


In 2014, a century after the outbreak of the WWI, which opened the 20th century to war, the conflict between Christian and Muslim countries is resurrecting.  The current borders of the Ottoman Empire, which was obliterated in WWI and divided linearly by European powers, are unacceptable to Muslims who see the world as the land of Islam and the land of war.  In the future, what many monotheists are expecting is the nightmare of Armageddon.

In the name of the Meiji Restoration, this country has embraced this monotheistic Christian civilization as far as science and technology and the legal system are concerned, and has promoted modernization in the phrase of “Japanese spirit with Western learning”.

This was made possible by the characteristics of the Japanese language, which allows words of foreign origin to be incorporated into the Japanese language, fostered during the period of Japanese spirit with Chinese learning.

The fact that many Western-derived words used in kanji cultures, such as “democracy” and “communism,” were translated in Japan during the Meiji era (1868-1912), shows the high adaptability of the Japanese language.

We will rediscover what it means to be a person who learned in Japanese, who thinks in Japanese, and who is able to make world-leading achievements in the field of science and technology that emerged from an alphabetic language system.

In the 21st century, the country’s industrial technology seems to have been caught up in the hands of Korean and Chinese companies, but it will become clearer whether the language of these crooks corresponds to the kind of creativity that will lead to breakthroughs in the field of science and technology.

The data of the spiritual world tells us that the Japanese language, by virtue of being a former divine language, is easily accessible to the data systems of Light that are to be brought into the future.

In other words, if you learn to think in Japanese correctly, there is a greater chance that data that should be beneath human knowledge in the future will come to your head. This is the essential purpose of the Joka-to-Josho (purification and ascension) that Shinlogy conveys.

In the layer of dark energy is the energy of thoughts, which directly affects the human emotions of various desires and passions. People living in this layer cannot receive any information from above, such as inspiration or revelation. However, if we move up above this layer, there is a layer of clear and bright light to which our consciousness can be linked.

It is the story of God, the source of human beings’ souls, who created the earth as it is today, that has kept humans from knowing this law for so long.

The Cross of Jesus is a symbol that shows those who are approaching that knowledge that the key is to overcome the fear that is stamped on the human soul.
Take a sober look at this world. Human thought, or conscious activity, is easily blocked by fear.

It is a theme that has been ingrained in us as human beings, and once this fear is turned on, people become sheep, following their shepherd.
Religions have learned this technique, and now the world’s dominant groups are using it.

In other words, many human beings are born as human beings in order to approach divine knowledge, but they die as sheep without fulfilling the purpose of their souls. And the souls of those who died as sheep are now in this world with us.

If you know that their “it’s not my fault” argument plays as a chord in the unconscious realm of most people alive today, you will understand that the cause of mental and physical illness in people alive today is likely to originate from there.

The greatest source of fear in this world is violence in the form of war. And it is the apocalyptic vision of the loss of one’s mane and death in poverty that leads human consciousness to tolerate war.

Who is manipulating our fear of losing our money? Once you know that, you will understand half of the reason why you chose to be born in this age. The old civilization can only move in the direction of Armageddon, where everything will come to nothing.   However, Heaven does not want that.




October 10, 2014

Seki Tetsuo