Beyond God! Surpass the Buddha! 1


Interviewer : I appreciate your cooperation today.  First of all, about  this title, “Beyond God! Surpass the Buddha!”,  Would you tell us about your intentions?

Seki: The period from 1991 to 2000 was a preparation period for knowledge, when the Final Knowledge was completed, which ended the role of the Bible. This is the first period of Shinlogy. Next, the period from 2001 to 2015 was a period of preparation for Japan, a time to awaken the Japanese archipelago and the Japanese people,and that’s  the second period. The third period, the “Age of Mikuni (the Kingdom of Heaven),” began in 2016. It was the dawn of a new era, a new era created by contacting the gods and God through the Japanese language and the Japanese language brain, and by the fusion of divine and human knowledge as described in the Final Knowledge.

Currently, religions put a lot of emphasis on the founder and do not allow for going beyond the founder.  It originated 2,500 years ago with those who passed on the Buddha’s words to the next generation. It is a wrong part of human nature that emerges unintentionally, and the world that follows is wrong because it is based on this wrong part as a starting point.

As described in The Final Knowledge, it was 2,500 years ago, the Buddha appeared in this world with a body, thought, and enlightened.

It was a story of discovering that the universe has a will, and that it is programmed by the Great Will (the One and Only God). And that we should wait until that time of the program. At this point, the Buddha has surpassed the gods.
To the gods, human beings are defilements. The gods do not have physical bodies, but they exist as energy in the spiritual world. The gods also have a Light side and a Dark side.

In order for the gods to be involved in this material universe, they need to contact humans. However, when humans are involved, the darkness increases and the world of the gods is ‘polluted’. The Indian gods entrusted the Buddha with the task of communicating to humans.
After that, those who pass on Buddha’s words to future generations as Buddha, the founder, is the best. Therefore, the religion is propagated in a wrong way.

Subsequent preachers of the words of Jesus and Muhammad also adopt the attitude that the founder is the best.
Inevitably, the one who solves the darkness of this world is the savior, and it is recognized as one.
Also, because of the emphasis on the founder, those who are born after the founder will never surpass the founder.
It is darkness that comes from humans. The whole world is in darkness in the form of monotheism.

The important thing is to recognize that the way we think about the system of religion is the way we thought before 1990, and (now) the program has changed, the system has also changed.
If you think about the truth and the flow of the world with the old, pre-1990 thinking, you will inherit the darkness of religions.

Interviewer : Is any pre-1990 thinking or religion wrong at all?

Seki: “If you think about it logically, for example, the universe was created from a single point in the Big Bang. After that, the energy at that time transferred and formed a matter. With that, new problems arise. The perception that the solution to a new problem is the origin is a logical fallacy. In the same way, it is the darkness of religion that makes the founder a “savior,” and this is a characteristic of the founder.

The Bible, Kojiki, and Nihonshoki are correct prophecies even though they have been politically altered by man.  These are the books that contain the great will of the One God, who guides the world even though it has been altered by human manipulation.

The time and space of the earth is shifting already.

1: 2500 A.D. ago – 1990 A.D. Religious Age,

2: 1991 – 2000 Completion of Final Knowledge, end of the role of the Bible,

3: 2001 – 2015 Japanese Islands, awakening of the Japanese people,

4: 2016 – The Age of Mikuni (the Kingdom of Heaven)

The Earth has already entered the Age of 4. However, most people are still living with the mindset of 1, the age of religion.
For those who know 4, it is two universes different from the age of 1 religious belief. That’s what I mean when I say that time and space are different.

People need to recognize that the earth is changing and change their way of thinking. The gap between the old perception and the new era affects the human environment and causes strange phenomena and diseases.

When you carefully examine 1 through 4, you will recognize the existence of a Great Will (One and Only God) with a plan.

The Buddha realized that there is a will, a plan, a program in the great universe. He realized that humans exist in the midst of it and that it will be resolved when the time comes.
There was the breakthrough of Buddha as a human being, and then 2000 years ago, Jesus appeared in physical form. I won’t go into details about Muhammad, but he also appears with a body.

Currently, the earth is under the control of monotheistic darkness and money. This evil darkness and demons cannot be dealt with by monotheism or any previous religion. The energy of this darkness is equivalent to the energy of 10 billion people. It takes a human body to process it, and each one of us needs to ‘repent’.

The Great Will (the One and Only God) relocated all information, gods, demons and all, to the Japanese Archipelago in order to analyze and process the powerful and evil darkness in its program. That is why the information of Light, Darkness, and Spirituality, including Gods and Demons, are all in the Japanese Archipelago.

This is because the Japanese language is the language of the Divine Realm, and the Japanese language universe is designed to be a place where evils are separated and processed. (This is similar to the way a computer isolates and removes viruses.)

This is why they crucified Japan.

In order to deal with the Evil as well as Jesus, Japan was crucified.
Japan became the only A-bombed country in the world to analyze and deal with the darkness of Western Europeanization and Americanization by introducing capitalism, and a large amount of gold and treasures from the Edo period were taken by the others from the rest of the world.

However, the evil darkness has also been analyzed and completed, and the period of awakening is 3: 2001-2015, the awakening of the Japanese people and the Japanese archipelago.

This is a predetermined heavenly plan and schedule: the Japanese Archipelago should be awakened in 2015, and the work for Mikuni, the Kingdom in the prophecy should begin in 2016. The Japanese archipelago was awakened in 2015, and the work for the Mikuni in the prophecy began in 2016.

A series of great heavenly programs that process the enormously strong  Evil energies of the earth and convert them into Light data for nullification. This is the plan of Heaven.
What makes this possible is the ”repentance” and ”Joka  and Josho” by each individual to do so. This expertise exists on earth only in Shinlogy. Studying Shinlogy is a realization of the Great Will (the One God), and you become a part of that program, working with Heaven.

The Buddha said, “Ignorance is a sin.”  It is very important to know the right knowledge. There is a divine realm within right knowledge, a divine knowledge that cannot be reached by human thought. If you can’t make contact with God, you can’t judge whether this knowledge is correct or not.
You may be able to imagine a part of it with your human thoughts, but you will be moving in the wrong direction. It will take a lot of time, effort and energy to correct it. Wrong knowledge should be avoided.

Learn the value of gaining the right knowledge.  Right knowledge brings courage.
Without love, courage, justice, and especially courage, you will not receive divine knowledge.        Please bear this in mind.


Interviewer: Please tell us a little more about the awakening of the Japanese people.

Seki: The fact is that Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad were born with human bodies. This is very important.  The important thing is that we need a human body and a human brain. Our body can separate the Light from the Dark. And our brains allow us to nullify and purify the dark energy by transforming it into knowledge. Without the brain, the darkness cannot be purified.

This is because the data information cannot be reconstructed. You need to understand how it works. It is described in The Final Knowledge.  As long as you have a human body and brain, you could deal with the darkness. This is something that the gods could not do. This is why the gods do not like to have their thoughts polluted by contact with humans.

What is very important is that you repent and do “Joka and Josho” while you are alive, while you have a human body and brain.  After you die, it is too late.

There are very few places where you can contact God outside of Japan today.  This is because the rest of the world is in the dark energy of monotheism.  The human body is so well designed that it can separate the Light energy from the Dark energy.  In fact, the body of humans is so well made that it is able to separate the Light energy from the Dark energy.

If your brain ascends to the Light layer with the words of “Joka and Josho “you will be able to contact the gods. The Dark Energy will be purified and nullified when it is processed and the cause of the Dark Energy is explored, converted into knowledge and processed in this Light Layer.

And now,Komyoshi-san  has received a message from the light realm.

(Seki handed the interviwer a note.)

Message: The savior of each person’s soul is the person himself.

Seki: So, although the Bible, Kojiki, and Nihonshoki are all correct, I would say that the saviors are those who can deal with and neutralize the dark energy. And that would be people with an awakened Japanese language brain. Furthermore, it is a divine program that all of you who live in Japan and think with a Japanese brain will become saviors.

This is why I say that the program of the one true God had definitely appeared, and the age of religious darkness had ended and the age of the Mikuni had begun. That is what this country, Japan, is all about. When a person knows this knowledge and becomes aware of it, he or she becomes a savior.
When a person knows this knowledge and becomes aware of it, he or she will become a savior and realize that his or her environment and surroundings will change in the direction of the Light.
There is not one savior, but a plurality of saviors, and you will be the savior.

You are now born and live in a story of the Light created by the Great Will (the One and Only God).