Be prepared (Vol.756)


In May of this year 2021, something is going to start, and the words “Prepare for the collapse” are coming down.
The declaration of defeat from the being called Shin, which was released on April 22 of this Hikarimonjyo (light documents) was actually issued from the main being of the Dark side that covers the earth, which will end what we call the Christian civilization.

This world is effectively controlled by beings who are steadily preparing for the sixth destruction, and if they continue to reach the destruction they are aiming for, the Last Judgment will not happen.
The human world will continue to make moves that will lead to the destruction of the world, but even if that sixth destruction occurs, those who caused it will be judged in the same way as humans, since they have already been identified in their place of existence.

It is my understanding that we are entering an era in which this vast realm of stories will become the object of divine and human knowledge, and this will mean the fulfillment of the myth that Light will triumph over Darkness.

Most people will not be able to understand what I am trying to tell them even after reading this far, but those who realize that the Shin beings are announcing their realm of existence as dark vibrations in their message will know that the field of spiritual energy is an extension of the electromagnetic realm that supports human civilization today.

It would be suicide for humans to access that realm in its current state. Probably, the brain of an ordinary human being cannot withstand the energy or the amount of information. The day will come when all of humanity will know that Shinlogy was the place to learn how to make this possible.

As is well known, with the information and communication technology that has become 5G, the human body continues to receive electromagnetic waves in proportion to the amount of information. This means that information will continue to be transmitted as if we were placed in a microwave oven. After that, the age of 6G and 7G, which use even stronger energy, is expected to come.

Before that time came, it was understood that in the realm of dark waves, which is an extension of that electromagnetic realm, there is a place for the existence of the continuing body of malice in this world, which I have been telling you about.
Probably, in that realm, the basic data of the current science and technology is in the form of dark knowledge, which supported the civilized progress of the earth until today.

To put it bluntly, the group of people who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan were allowed access to the data there by some entity, or were contracted to work as their pawns.
That is the dark side of the God of the Bible.

As a result of the dark side of the God of the Bible declaring itself to be Shin (Sin) and declaring its defeat, the right Light will shine on that Dark side from now on.
This means the end of the age of science and technology, which has been the pawn of the Dark side, starting from atheism.

Another pillar of the current civilization, which has been supported by the science and technology of atheism, has been the money system created by humans to justify the interest rates denied by the God of the Bible.
I have already informed you that the money also has vibrations, but at this time, there is the Seal given to the Shinlogy Association that has vibrations of money with Light that has never existed before.

It is a fact as far as the human senses are concerned that the IconSeal given by the Shinlogy Association have some effect on the energy in the electromagnetic field.
The reason that current science cannot explain how it works is that science does not yet know the vibrations of the spiritual world. That is why the current science is in the service of the Dark Forces. And here’s the thing, all humans will be judged after death. Even if we have been ignorant until now, this knowledge will come out, which means that the souls of atheistic scientists will also face the time of Judgment.

The end of the era when people who worshipped money and believed in atheism dreamed of ruling the world has begun.


May 6,2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo




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