About the Book of Life


The ancient Egyptians believed that there was an afterlife, and they knew that in order to live in it, one had to give their name.
The Egyptians believed that the human soul was composed of a spiritual being called Ba, who descends from heaven and returns to heaven, and a spiritual being called Ka, who is given to the human being on earth and remains connected to him after death.

Also in Japan, it is known that a soul is called Kompaku (魂魄) and that there is a Kon (魂) element and a paku (魄) element. It is a common cultural understanding among human beings that we die and leave behind a spirit or feel that there is an afterlife.

And in fact, it is the name of the person when he or she was alive that fixes their soul.
In today’s Japan, in a typical Buddhist funeral ceremony, the deceased is given a precepts name. To put it simply, receiving a precept means a contract with the Buddha and an act of discipleship to the Buddhist monk who gave you the precept name.

In other words, it is a covenant that says that since I did not practice Buddhism while I was alive, I will practice Buddhism in the afterlife.  If the soul of the deceased wishes to do so before death, that is fine.  However, most of the people living today die without having any idea of where they are going to die.

Also, Buddhist sutras are not prayers. They are teachings for the living to think about. For example, the sutras that many Japanese gratefully give to the dead, such as the Heart Sutra, are about a high level of idealism: “Existence is empty. Can the spirits of the dead, who cannot think, understand this?

Additionally, ” May you rest in peace” is not a prayer either. I will not explain what prayer is here, as it is described in Final Knowledge. However, the souls of the dead in Japan do not know where they are going, nor are they being sent away by prayer.

In the last chapter of The Final Knowledge, it is written that the being that governs me has told me that he will create a new heaven. I was also told about the system of the Book of Life. After death, human beings whose names are registered in the Book of Life will be “healed in the Light” and prepared for the next step.

It is also a covenant. Without a name, it is impossible to identify the energy body called soul. In the Spiritual world, there is indeed an energetic layer of dead spirits, which should be called the chaos of Darkness. If it is left neglected, the spirits of the dead will go there.

In contrast, the inscription of a name in the Book of Life is a promise that the soul bearing that name will continue to evolve and grow.

It is provided on the path of Light that connects before the beginning and after the end of this universe.