About a Blessed Death (Vol.519)



At 7:29 p.m. on this October 25th, the time of death of my mother-in-law was written on the doctor’s death certificate.   I was there, and I was reminded that the soul of my mother-in-law, who had deliberately told me to take my time, was in complete control of the timing of her departure from this world.

The cause of my mother-in-law’s death was senility. Originally, she had Parkinson’s disease, and with the onset of dementia, it was difficult for her to communicate fully, but I know that she gave gifts of courage with few words to the nurses and caregivers who were involved with her.

As her death approached and her spirit left her body and contacted me, I expressed our hope that it would be in the first half of this week, considering the schedules of everyone in the family. At that time, her grandson who was studying in the U.S. was coming home, so she could say goodbye to everyone she wanted to see, I suppose. It was probably only a few minutes before I arrived that she became satisfied with her life and stopped her body’s vital activities.

In fact, I had a strange feeling that I was there as a witness to the fact that my mother-in-law’s death was completely controlled by her spirit and a higher being in order to send out a very important message to the Japanese people who are now living. So, I decided to present it in this Hikarimonjyo  (Light Document).
My mother-in-law lived through the war years, lived 71 years after the war, and passed away at the age of 91, and her death was a blessing. It also serves as a wake-up call to the baby boomers who are about to enter the age of death. The question is, “Have you lived a life that gives energy, courage, and hope not to yourself, but to others?”

At some point in my life, I began to experience contact with the Spiritual world, and among the things I learned in the field was that human souls can be active both inside a living person and after the body has ceased its life activity, that is, after it has left the body.  It has been said that this is a preparation for a time when human death will not be a matter of the religious world as it was in the past, but will have a profound effect on the living.

Consider that many Japanese people living today are living through the time of the Last Judgment, which is like a graduation exam for human beings’ souls. Those who can grow and move on to the next stage are blessed and brought into the world of light, but there are many who fail and leave in the darkness.

Especially for the baby boomers who were educated, competed, and forced to separate winners and losers in this material world by the civilization’s idea that “death is the end,” their souls are likely to be shut up in the darkness of this world unless they repent. The energy layers of envy and jealousy that are formed in this way will continue to have a negative impact on the human world. The disclosure of this information is also a prediction that many people will experience contact with the souls of the dead.

If you understand that Shinlogy  was prepared over a long period of time and offered to the world as a preparation for opening the door to the next human world, you will also see that ending the age of the Bible is a theme that has been imposed on the nation of Japan and the people born in the nation of Japan.

If it becomes common knowledge among Japanese people that death is not the end, a new system of “keisei-saimin ” will be born from this country, which is not related to greedy capitalism.

The entrance to this transformation of thinking is the contact with the souls of people who are going to die, which is about to begin.

You can see from Buddhism and yoga practitioners that the human soul can be in control of the life activities of the body.  However, if this can be done by just simply living well, even without practice, then the purpose of life will change to something that is useful to others, like the way my mother-in-law lives. If you don’t live well, you will never reach a blessed death.



October 27, 2016

Seki Tetsuo




keisei-saimin (経世済民 ) means governing a nation and providing relief to people.