A Virtual Space-Time We’ve Reached ( Vol.773)


I’ve already reported that I am nearing the end of my journey to explore the identity of God, which is at the root of the problems of this human society.
And it seems that in August of this year 2021, I was able to conclude that I have reached the knowledge that the space-time in which the earth exists today is closed by the energy boundary of the word Kabbalah, which was created by the Jewish people over many years.

The reason why this world is a Kabbalistic space-time is because the God for Jewish people today is not the one who will bring the Last Judgment. And it can be pointed out that this world now operates according to the plans of the human group that has been creating the Kabbalah for so many years.

To explain the history with this divine knowledge given to me, Jesus accused the human group of controlling the money in Jerusalem, and the people of Jerusalem at that time agreed to the cross of Jesus.  Later on, the Jews were oppressed under the Christian society, but they were able to rebound from the oppression with their skill of dealing with the interest rate, which was their privilege.   Moreover, ideology was born from this Kabbalistic idea. This is because the Kabbalah as we know it today was created in the heads of humans in order to justify the actions of their ancestors, i.e., not recognizing Jesus as the Son of God.

As a logical starting point for this, they created a sense of election in which they were the only ones chosen by God and the rest of humans were what they called goyim, or animal-like creatures.Whether it was possible for the human mind alone to create such a consciousness, or whether there was the involvement of other consciousnesses, is something that will have to be clarified in the future. From this point of view, capitalism, democracy, and even communism were born from this energy of thought.

In addition, modern science is nothing but the rediscovery of the universe by the energy of this Kabbalistic thought. Perhaps this is the reason why this world has been inclined toward atheism, simply because science cannot prove God. And at this time, there seems to have been a sudden movement of Jewish brains occupying the center of the world’s universities and research institutes, where other ethnic groups had previously contributed to the most advanced achievements in science.

This space-time, in which the universe can be understood by atheism, is the Kabbalistic virtual universe, which is the attainment of divine knowledge given to me at this point in time.
Knowing this story is the reason why the current human beings, the Sons of God, are living in this space-time.
Furthermore, in order for human beings, the children of God, to decipher this story, the image of God inside this universe must not be outside of human beings.

The starting point of Shinlogy is that the human beings on earth since ancient times are a microcosm, and unless the inner divinity of their microcosm is awakened, they will not be able to make contact with the God outside of human beings.

It is also the knowledge that shinlogy conveys to the human world that no matter how much the awakened human being explores in this material universe, there is no God to execute the Last Judgment.

Shinlogy also conveys the knowledge that the prayers of an awakened human being can be transmitted to the true God beyond the limits of the universe. This is where the awakening of Buddha and the insertion of the cross of Jesus lead to the secret of the creation of the universe.

One of the most important things is to recognize that it is the energy of the thoughts of a small group of people that creates the space-time of our current human society. This is the source of the negative energy of the darkness of cyberspace and virtual currency. We can see what will happen when the Light of Judgment arrives in that space-time.




September 2, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo