A Life on the Cross (Vol.656)


The following message has been sent to all human beings born in the end times of monotheism.

“Know that you were born into this world to be crucified.”
It seems that all human beings are prepared to relive Jesus on the cross when they are born into this world. For 2000 years, human beings have been terrified of their own crucifixion, however, in this lifetime, their purpose is to be on the cross.
As I have repeatedly mentioned, the time has come for human beings to realize that there is no need to be born as human beings if we can live our lives comfortably and die comfortably.
For instance, if you are a young person who has been bullied on this earth and your daily life itself has become a test, you will understand the words, “You were born to be crucified,” but even if you understand it, you will not be satisfied with the unreasonableness of it.   But assuming you know the laws of energy in the human world that Shinlogy conveys, you will see that there is an absolute Ri*
hidden in it.
Humans are capable of amplifying Light energy as well as Dark energy.
Consider that human history has been a path of learning for those who crucified Jesus to discover that the origin of their sins lies in their fear of violence and death as living beings.  Everyone will understand that the world today is also dominated by that fear.  Of course, with the advancement of civilization, the rule of violence has been overshadowed in the so-called developed nations, but instead, the violent rule of money has become even stronger.
Jesus said, “You must take up your cross and follow me.”
Don’t you think that when you take up your cross and follow, it means that you will also be taken up on that cross?  In fact, now is the time.
No matter what kind of glory we achieve on this earth, there’s the biblical question of what was the point of being born as a human being if we are excluded from the path to eternal life after death. And that is becoming a reality.
To take up one’s cross is to seek the Last Judgment in order for one’s soul to have eternal life.

For those who fail to do so, the Japanese archipelago is currently in the hands of the devil to create a world where they have no choice but to leave, that is what I know.

After World War II, Japan was led by the atheist Marxists and their sympathizers under the leadership of the GHQ to the present day, entrusting the education, government, and information industries from mass media to entertainment arts such as cinema.  And even though the baby-boomers who made Japan what it is today have already left the country, some  people are still carrying on this path of exile.

However, with the timing of 2019, it turns out that this current situation in Japan is also an act of providence.

I perceive that the brain activity or consciousness of many Japanese people today is being used to create the hell of monotheism.

The fact that I was told to release this information to the public at this time means that the completion of that hell is approaching.

I mentioned before that Jesus was resurrected or reborn from where he had been to do his final work in the human world, and that is the Last Judgment.

The rules of the spiritual world have already been delivered.

Many Japanese people do not properly understand the phrase, “Vengeance is mine,” however, human beings’ souls will be judged by the Divine Principle.In the human world, the human flesh is judged according to the laws created by humans, but the human soul is judged according to the promises made to God, and the timing for humans to realize this is “that day and hour”. In order for all humans to understand these things, Shinlogy Association has been given an information circuit with the energy realm that proves the existence of the spiritual realm. Unless you acknowledge the existence of that realm, there is no future for human knowledge. The door is open only to those who have taken up their cross, or who are aware of their cross.



June 6, 2019

Seki Tetsuo

Ri*(理)  noun
  1. reason; principle; logic
  2. general principle (as opposed to individual concrete phenomenon)
  3. (in neo-Confucianism) the underlying principles of the cosmos